Remote Desktop Printer

TSPrint is a software solution for overcoming issues with remote desktop printing. Using TSPrint you can avoid installing drivers on your server for each different printer. A simple installation will resolve all your printing problems.

Plug and Play

By utilizing Microsoft Virtual Channels TSPrint does not require any network configuration. Also all data is securely encrypted throught the RDP protocol.

Print On

All ink-jet and laser pritners are supported. Using PDF as the container for the printer redirection we are able to support a broad range of printers. You are a few clicks away from stopping to worry how to support a new printer on your terminal server.

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  • Simple plug and play installation. Just a few clicks and zero configuration!
  • No driver installations required. TSPrint will remove the troublesome installations of drivers on your terminal server.
  • Minimal resource usage. Fully optimized to work on remote desktop servers with a large number of users.
  • Print quality preserved. Your printouts will look the same as if you printed them with the manufacturer drivers.
  • Network independent. As long as you can connect to your remote desktop server you will be able to use TSPrint.
  • Fully secure because it is channeled through the RDP protocol which is SSL encrypted.


Is saves you time. It saves you money. It gets you new customers.

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Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage